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Top 10 smart watches – the best new items of 2022

Smart watches are computerized wearable devices to simplify everyday activities. Depending on the model chosen, their range of activities shifts towards fitness, health or general use. A smart watch is not just an addition to a mobile phone, but an independent gadget with extended functionality available through the installation of third-party applications. All smart watches are different, which means they have a unique design, purpose, and additional tasks.

What is a smart watch and why you need it?

Smart watches simplify everyday activities, collect information using sensors, and support wireless data transmission. The devices combine the functions of conventional wrist watches, smartphones, and fitness trackers.

From classic watches, smart devices have gained the ability to show the time and date. In addition, modern wrist smart watches are a good accessory that speaks of the taste of the owner.

Smart features include the ability to quickly find out the weather forecast, now and in the near future, view notifications, answer a call or message. A number of devices include the functions of a fitness tracker, which means they are able to calculate activity, calories lost and general condition of the body.

A smart watch is a full-fledged independent device running its own operating system, but many manufacturers recommend connecting the gadget to a smartphone for extended functionality.

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Why smart watches are better than fitness bracelets

Smart watches are often compared to a fitness tracker, calling one device another. In fact, the sphere of use of devices only partially overlaps, which means that calling gadgets the same is a big mistake.

A fitness bracelet is a device with a limited range of uses. Some models do not have a familiar display and are controlled entirely from a smartphone. A fitness tracker is needed for sports, all the functionality of such devices is sharpened for constant monitoring of environmental parameters and the owner himself. Bracelets can show activity, pulse, pressure and even blood oxygen saturation. Additional features include building a workout program and the ability to set a timer.

Smart watches are designed for everyday use (although they have some of the functions of fitness bracelets). First of all, they are able to function separately from a smartphone. Own operating system allows the owner to install third-party applications, games. In conjunction with a smartphone, notifications from social networks are available to the user. networks, messages, calls, media player, camera control.

To put it simply, a smart watch is a device with advanced functionality and at the same time fully includes the features of fitness trackers. When it comes to what is better to choose, a smart watch or a fitness bracelet, it is worth thinking about the functionality that is needed.

Top 10 smart watches - the best new items of 2022
Top 10 smart watches – the best new items of 2022

Rating of the best smart watches of 2022: top 10 smart models

The top ten smart watches of 2022 are represented by global manufacturers for whom smart watches are not key devices and brands that specialize exclusively in smart wearable gadgets.

  1. Apple Watch Series 7
  2. Apple Watch SE
  3. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
  4. Huawei Watch 3
  5. Xiaomi Mi Watch
  6. Withings ScanWatch Horizon
  7. Fossil gene 6
  8. Garmin fenix 7
  9. Garmin Instinct Solar
  10. Kospet Optimus 2

Apple Watch Series 7 is the most durable in the line

Apple’s watch line often earns status as the coolest smartwatch. The latest model to this status received an addition in the form of “the most durable” thanks to an improved case. Also, Apple Watch has got an improved and enlarged screen, which now occupies the entire front panel.

Colors to choose from: green, blue, red, gray-gold and black-blue.

Display, available sizes41 and 45 mm, 396 × 484
Materials and degree of protectionAluminum body, glass – 2.5D.
Protection IP67 WR50
Operating system and processorS7 processor, watchOS
Memory (built-in, RAM)Built-in – 32GB, operational – 2GB
Battery (normal and active time), charging time309 mAh Standby – 270 hours, active – 18 hours
Sports measurementsHeart rate monitor, measuring temperature, pressure and blood sugar
Apple Watch Series 7
Apple Watch supports ultra-fast charging.  High price tag.
Housing and glass with a high degree of protection.  Unable to connect to android smartphones.
Enlarged screen.   
The watch is equipped with a microphone and a speaker, which allows you to receive calls.   
Adapted for extreme sports. 
Advantages and disadvantages


Apple Watch SE with powerful features

Apple Watch is another product from Apple. Smart Watches marked SE are budget models – in terms of price and features. The functionality of the gadget is slightly reduced compared to the previous model. This version does not have a blood oxygen saturation measurement sensor, the dial is not constantly illuminated.

Display, available sizes40 and 44 mm, 324 × 394
Materials and degree of protectionAluminum body, glass – 2.5D.
Protection IP67 WR50
Operating system and processorProcessor S5, WatchOS
Memory (built-in, RAM)Built-in – 32GB, operational – 2GB
Battery (normal and active time), charging time296 mAh Work in standby mode – 270 hours, in active mode – 18 hours.
Sports measurementsPulse, heart rate, altimeter
Apple Watch SE
Low price.There are no always-on-screen functions and blood oxygen measurement.  
All basic functionality is preserved.  Low battery capacity.  
Advantages and disadvantages

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 NFC

The Galaxy Watch 4 is the first Samsung model to run Wear OS by Google. Thanks to her, the devices received a new minimalist design, began to look more like a classic watch like Casio, and improved functionality. This includes the advanced Health mode, thanks to which you can now calculate the percentage of water and fat content in the body. The watch has two payment systems – Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

Display, available sizesRound, 40, 42, 44, 46 mm, 450×450
Materials and degree of protectionStainless steel and tempered glass, IP68 / MIL-STD-810G, 5ATM
Operating system and processorProcessor ExynosW920, Wear OS 3.0
Memory (built-in, RAM)Built-in – 16GB, operational – 1.5GB
Battery (normal and active time), charging time361 mAh Standby – 200 hours, active – 40 hours
Sports measurementsHeart rate monitor, EGC, blood pressure monitor, body composition analysis, sleep – blood oxygen level, snoring pattern
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 NFC


The transition to a new operating system has greatly improved performance.  Small battery capacity
Added NFC module.  Advanced features only with a smartphone and Samsung headphones.
Advantages and disadvantages

Huawei Watch 3

Huawei Watch 3 continues the list of the best smart watches of 2022. A young but already beloved brand in Russia, Huawei, or rather, Watch 3 completely copies the classic mechanical watch. From a technical point of view, the gadget has everything you need: NFC, a SIM card slot and many sensors. Therefore, in everyday use, the gadget will become useful.

Display, available sizes1.43 inches, 466×466
Materials and degree of protectionSteel, ceramics and glass, WR50 (5 atm)
Operating system and processorProcessor HiSilicon Hi6262, Android
Memory (built-in, RAM)Built-in – 2GB, operational – 16MB
Battery (normal and active time), charging time450 mAh Standby – 170 hours, active – 30 hours
Sports measurementsHeart rate monitor, calorie counter, oxygen level sensor
Huawei Watch 3
Compatible with iOS and Android 
Nice interface. 
Design.You can only use services from Huawei.
Advantages and disadvantages

Xiaomi Mi Watch

Xiaomi Mi Watch is the first model that was created specifically for the European market. These smart watches are aimed mainly at people who lead an active lifestyle or go in for professional sports. The interface is simple, so even a child will figure out how to turn on the smart watch. To date, Mi Watch is the best fitness watch from Xiaomi.

Display, available sizes1.39, 454×454
Materials and degree of protectionPolyamide, silicone. WR50
Operating system and processorSnapdragon 3100 processor, MiOS
Memory (built-in, RAM)Built-in – 8GB, operational – 1GB
Battery (normal and active time), charging time570 mAh Work in standby mode – 530 hours, in active mode – 50 hours.
Sports measurements

Xiaomi Mi Watch
Advantages  Disadvantages
Quality materials.High price tag for the company.
Pleasant interest. 
Sports measurements. 

Withings ScanWatch Horizon Hybrid Diving Smartwatch

ScanWatch is one of the few smart watches that have mechanical elements (hands and dial) and electronic sensors at the same time. Such a solution fits into almost any image and at the same time is multifunctional. For diving, ECG, breathing tracking and one of the highest degree of protection against pressure and water are provided.

Display, available sizes43mm
Materials and degree of protectionSurgical steel, Gorilla Glass. 10AT
Operating system and processorOwn by Withings
Memory (built-in, RAM)
Battery (normal and active time), charging time570 mAh Standby – 30 days, active – 10 days
Sports measurementsHeart rate monitor, breathing measurement
Withings ScanWatch Horizon
Nice appearance: dial, metal wrist strap.Very high price
battery up to 7 days without recharging. 
20 days in power saving mode. 
TFT screen, which also allows you to spend less battery. 
Advantages and disadvantages

Fossil Gen 6 powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100+

The Fossil Gen 6 is a new watch from Fossil that replaces the 2019 model. There have been big changes and the new device has become 30% faster and more energy efficient. Added fast charging, which allows you to charge the watch by 80% in 30 minutes. Changed for the better appearance.

Display, available sizes1.28, 416×416 pixels
Materials and degree of protectionGlass, steel. WR50
Operating system and processorProcessor Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 “plus”, OS – Android
Memory (built-in, RAM)Main – 8GB, operational – 1GB
Battery (normal and active time), charging time300 mAh Work in standby mode – 530 hours, in active mode – 50.
Sports measurementsAltimeter, heart rate monitor, pressure
The Fossil Gen
More energy efficient than previous modelSometimes notifications are delayed.  
Fast charging.  The straps are a little thin.  
The presence of the NFC module.   
Advantages and disadvantages

Garmin fenix 7 with L5 class GPS module

Garmin fenix 7 – at first glance, they look simple, but they belong to the “premium” segment, with all the ensuing functions. The body material is titanium, which gives the device high strength, and the straps themselves are made of silicone for convenience. In addition to the classic version of “7”, there are also “S” and “7X”.

Display, available sizes1,2, (1,4) 240×240
Materials and degree of protectionSilicone, titanium, glass. WR50
Operating system and processorAndroid
Memory (built-in, RAM)10GB, 16GB
Battery (normal and active time), charging time360 mAh Standby – 60 days, active – 20 days
Sports measurementsPedometer, ECG measurement
Garmin fenix 7
Expensive materials in development.The most affordable model has too little feature set.  
Setting up date fields. 
In the configuration Sapphire Solar – charging from the sun, pre-installed maps, 32 GB. LED flashlight.   
Advantages and disadvantages

Garmin Instinct Solar GPS with Solar Battery Charging

The main advantage of Instinct Solar is indicated in its name – the watch has a built-in solar battery, which, even if it cannot fully charge the device, will help it to last much longer in sunny time. Otherwise, the product is not much different from other Garmin. And they, according to many, make the best smart watches in the premium segment.

Display, available sizes0.91. 128х128
Materials and degree of protectionSilicone, glass. WR50
Operating system and processorAndroid
Memory (built-in, RAM)16 GB
Battery (normal and active time), charging time350 mAh Standby – 57 days, active – 18 days
Sports measurementsHeart rate monitor, pedometer
Garmin Instinct Solar
Quality build.  High price, too simplified interface.
Additional solar battery.   
Advantages and disadvantages

Kospet Optimus 2 smart watch with camera

Kospet Optimus 2 – not the most famous manufacturer, recently managed to amaze the whole world by releasing a fitness watch with a video camera. In addition, Optimus 2 received a nice appearance, high performance and support for many other features. All this allows us to say about the device as the best smart watch with a video camera.

Display, available sizes1,6 400×400
Materials and degree of protectionGlass, metal, silicone. WR50
Operating system and processorProcessor MTK Helio P22, Android
Memory (built-in, RAM)Built-in – 64GB, operational – 4GB
Battery (normal and active time), charging time1260 mAh Standby – 10 days, active – 2 days
Sports measurementsHeart rate monitor, measurement of oxygen saturation.
Kospet Optimus 2
A large amount of RAM and built-in memory.    Little autonomy.
Advantages and disadvantages

Expert review

When choosing a smart watch, you should first of all look at the tasks that they must perform.

Devices for professional and even amateur sports must meet the parameters of durability, protection against moisture and dust. Most often, such devices do not differ in design, since the main material is silicone. Features to look out for: heart rate monitor, oxygen saturation sensor, calorie counter, and workout build program. The price of devices is usually higher due to niche.

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For normal purposes, a pedometer, a heart rate monitor and the ability to display notifications on the screen are enough. More expensive models include the ability to answer calls, text messages. In this regard, the design may be different, and the price depends on the manufacturer and functionality.

Special requirements include smart watches with a tonometer, glucometer and other medical functionality. Such devices are niche in nature. The appearance of gadgets is not always attractive, and additional features include only a pedometer. The price depends on the type of measurement and additional features.

Which smart watch to choose: prices and main features

Watch nameDesign, color and equipmentPeculiaritiesCost, rub
Apple Watch series 7Smart watch, green, blue, red, grey-gold and black-blue. Complete set: Apple Watch, documents, charger.Connecting to iOS only. Support for ultra-fast charging, interchangeable straps, the ability to receive calls.35 000
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4Smart watch, black, green, white. Complete set: watch itself, documentation. A charger is offered as a gift, which costs 5,000 rubles on the official website.Android connection, apps from Play Market. Availability of NFC module for payment.25 000
Xiaomi Mi WatchSmart watch, black, white. Standard equipment (tracker, manual, charging station).Connect to any device, universal in work.10 000
Withings ScanWatch HorizonThe black. Standard equipment (watch, manual, charger).hybrid watch.36 000
Fossil gene 6Fitness watch, black, white. Standard equipment (device, documentation, charging cable).Classic sports watch.20 000
Kospet Optimus 2Fitness watch, black, the set includes: device, documentation, charger and Power Bank.The presence of a video camera and an additional external battery.15 000
Garmin fenix 7Smart watch. The color is black, but may vary depending on the model. Standard equipment (device, documentation, charger).Three variants of the model, on which the functionality will depend. The cheapest meets only basic functions: a pedometer, time and navigator.70 000
Apple Watch SESmart watch, space grey, silver, gold, blue and red. Standard equipment (Apple Watch, documentation, charger).Connecting to Apple devices only. Interchangeable straps, the ability to receive calls and SMS. Compared to other models of the manufacturer, the functionality is truncated.25 000
Garmin Instinct SolarSmart watch. Color black, white, orange and camouflage. Standard equipment (device, documentation, charger).Moisture and dust protection. The design is built for durability. Additional solar battery.40 000
Huawei Watch 3Fitness watch, black color. Standard equipment (smart watch, manual, charger).Connect to any device, universal in work. Apps are built-in only.25 000
smart watch to choose: prices and main fe

Final ranking table

Huawei Watch 3
Samsung Galaxy Watch 45
Xiaomi Mi Watch
Apple watch 41
Apple Watch SE1
Withings ScanWatch Horizon1
Fossil Gen 61
Garmin fenix 71
Garmin Instinct Solar1
Kospet Optimus 21
Final ranking table

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