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Physical activity: Best Physical activity for health in 2022

Physical activity: Best Physical activity for health in 2022

What is physical activity and fitness?

Exercise is life!  Demonstrating the advantages of the sports culture of our time is like demonstrating the need for air and food.  But, unfortunately, a sedentary lifestyle has become commonplace.  According to scientific research, in USA, more than 30% of men and more than 40% of women have low physical activity. 

Moderna people have moved rarely.  These are the result of technological advances, and new technologies are being introduced into our everyday life.  Remember, 15 years ago, in order to switch TV shows, you had to get out of your chair and watch TV. 

Children do not play computer games, they just run around the garden, play hide-and-seek, tag and football.  Automatic washing machines, lawn mowers, cars, elevators – all these civilizations and many other inventions led to the fact that a person turned into a sedentary and often sick creature.

 We need to do physical activity to stay healthy, and we need to do this throughout our lives, not just in youth and middle age.  Older people need to exercise as regularly as younger people.  Even if a person suffers from high blood pressure, he is advised to exercise.

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In general, 2 characteristics are used to assess the level of physical activity: physical activity at work and leisure.  Only increased physical activity in your free time can change the desires and desires of most people, so it positively affects their health.  According to scientific research, people with the same physically inactive (sedentary) workers have a different risk of illness, depending on the time of activity or inactivity they spend in their free time.

Physical fitness is the degree of ability to perform physical exercises that require endurance, strength or flexibility; it depends on the level of physical activity and heredity.  The training effect of the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems is provided by physical activity that affects large muscle groups, that is, accompanied by shoulder and hip exercises (walking, running, swimming, skiing, cycling) and lasts more than 20 minutes, and the Martinet test can be used to assess the health of the body (see the hospital materials below).

 What is the purpose of increasing physical activity?  

The purpose of increasing physical activity is to expand the adaptability of the body, achieve a sufficient level of physical strength, increase the endurance of the body, increase flexibility, motor coordination and muscle strength.

Physical activity: Best Physical activity for health in 2022
Physical activity: Best Physical activity for health

Endurance is a person’s ability to work hard for a long time.  People with higher endurance levels can do more work and consume more energy than people without endurance.  Resistance is mainly provided by the oxygen transport system.  The cardiovascular and pulmonary systems are mainly involved in the supply of oxygen to organs and tissues.  Increased volumes and intensity of work are provided by increased oxygen consumption. 

In a healthy person, resistance training improves the body’s ability to supply organs and tissues with oxygen.  A person with high endurance has a high oxygen consumption, which positively affects the work of almost all organs and systems of the body.

Endurance occurs when practicing dynamic cycling exercises (that is, the same repetition) (walking, running, skiing, swimming), because it trains the ability of tissues to absorb and absorb oxygen.Therefore, this type of exercise is called aerobic, because it involves the formation of energy with the participation of oxygen (air).  This process is very similar to conventional incineration. 

If there is enough air, the wood on the fire or gasoline in the engine burns well, there is almost no smoke, there is no ash at all, almost everything burns, there is air with the least energy output, the firewood almost burns and is filled with incendiary ash and spicy smoke.  But the main thing is that there is almost no heat here. 

Therefore, in some places, even pure oxygen is used to supercharge cars to improve combustion.  But this is a technical problem.  In the human body, almost the same thing happens, but “overfeeding” manifests itself as an increase in the intensity of breathing and blood circulation. 

Aerobic processes in the human body continue until the fuel is completely burned, carbon dioxide and water are formed, which are completely removed from the body.  If the aerobic process lasts long enough, the fat can be used as fuel in the aerobic process.  That’s why aerobic exercise is so useful, especially for those who want to lose weight.

Best Physical activity for health
Best Physical activity for health

The human body is a self-regulating system.  The onset and development of aerobic processes depends on the intensity of the load and how long it takes.  It is believed that during exercise, aerobic processes occur when the intensity of exercise is average or below average, and the duration of their performance is at least 20-30 minutes.  Stronger and shorter loads lead to other energy production processes. 

By the way, here it will be useful to return to the comparison of aerobic processes with gorenje.  When is the wood in the fireplace burned most efficiently?  When is the car engine the best job?  After that, when the fire burns, the engine warms up.  Therefore, aerobic processes in humans take a certain amount of time to “warm up”.  Even then, half an hour may not be enough.

 Theoretically, in the aerobic mode, you can perform any exercises, as well as cyclic exercises.  It is only necessary to observe the intensity and duration corresponding to this particular process and perform it as a periodicity.  You can, for example, dance or play tennis. You will run a lot behind the ball, but if it is not fast, you can even do household chores in anaerobic mode.  It is not necessary to limit yourself to one type of aerobic exercise.  You can change the type of exercise according to the time of year and mood.  The main thing is that the intensity and duration of the exercise provide a sufficient aerobic regime.

 The development of muscle strength is carried out at low and medium speeds with dynamic and dynamic loads.

 The development of flexibility is due to slow and medium speed muscle stretching exercises in the training plan.  At the same time, there should be no discomfort and pain in the muscles.  Yoga also promotes flexibility.  But this requires special training under the guidance of specialists.

Types of physical training

Physical exercise can be divided into three types: regular physical activity in everyday life, exercise to increase the cardiovascular system (aerobic exercise) and flexibility and strength.  These 3 types are important for health and anti-aging, so they should all be included in your diet.

 Among other things, daily physical activity helps to maintain muscle tone and maintain an ideal weight, since during this activity excess calories are burned.  Cardiovascular exercise (aerobic exercise) is a uniform type of physical activity that involves large muscles.  This type of exercise helps to strengthen the heart and lungs, and also facilitates the entry of oxygen into the tissues.  This has already been discussed before. 

Aerobic exercise is the best set of exercises for your mind.  Over time, regular exercise, decreased heart rate and blood pressure and breathing improve.  Aerobic exercise requires more effort than daily physical activity, including activities such as active walking, running, skiing, cycling and swimming.  Its goal is to strengthen the heart and lungs, forcing them to work at full strength. 

If you have not trained for a while, then you should start such courses slowly and gradually increase the load next week.  As your muscles get stronger, it will be easier to perform these exercises.  If you are over 40 years old, it is advisable to consult a doctor to check your general physical condition before starting exercise.  This is necessary only to protect yourself.

Maintaining strength, muscle tone and flexibility is very important for middle-aged and elderly people.  These exercises increase bone density and reduce the risk of injury from an accident.  Stretching exercises will help you maintain enough speed for everyday life.  During the normal aging process, the muscles lose elasticity, and the tissue around the joints thickens. 

Physical exercise can help slow down this process by stretching muscles.  Pliable exercises also slow the development of osteoarthritis, one of the most common diseases associated with aging.  Osteoarthritis reduces joint movement, causes pain and suffering, and controls independence and function.  Stretching the arms and legs before and after exercise helps prepare muscles for exercise and helps prevent muscle injuries or over-stretching during exercise.  In addition, this type of exercise helps to increase the range of mobility and flexibility.

Strength training exercises designed to develop muscles, increase their tone, prevent premature muscle loss and improve endurance at any age.  There is benefit in improving response, reducing the amount of muscle atrophy, increasing performance and preventing injuries.  Weightlifting may be among the physical exercises to increase strength.  Doing weight lifting exercises is also beneficial for women. 

This will help them prevent the development of osteoporosis (a decrease in bone density can lead to fractures), because such exercise helps maintain bone density before and after menopause.  Most experts believe that thirty to forty minutes of weightlifting exercise per week is enough to maintain good health.  Cheap dumbbells at different weights can be purchased at any sports store, but if there are no such stores in your area, containers that can be filled with different amounts of water will be a good option.

You need to start with a small weight, and then gradually increase it as your strength increases.  And do not overdo yourself-excessive weightlifting exercises can lead to serious injuries.  Another reminder: check with your doctor before doing any strenuous exercise, especially if you have plenty of time to exercise last.  Physical examination can detect heart problems and other health problems,

If you want to stay healthy and add many active and vibrant years to your life, it is important to include three types of physical activity in your lifestyle.

With arterial hypertension, brisk walking, cycling and swimming are usually recommended.  500 M to 4-5 K.Walking at least 1 hour a day by gradually increasing the distance up to M and gradually increasing the speed, visiting the pool 2-3 times a week will increase the level of physical activity.  Gymnastics is recommended individually and with friends or in groups for physiotherapy exercises.

Start by reviewing your routine.  Think about how you can increase your physical activity and at what time it is more convenient to exercise.

How does physical activity affect health?

Recent scientific studies have established an interesting fact: exercise is useful for everyone, regardless of age.  Exercise helps you gain confidence and lead an active life.  Many people think that as we get older we become less active, and our physical abilities inevitably decrease as a result of aging.  Most of these changes are the result of physical activity, diseases and malnutrition.  But there’s also good news! Many of these problems can be solved by lifestyle changes.  One of the best ways to improve health is to increase physical activity.

Regular physical activity primarily affects the improvement of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.  When performing physical exercises, blood circulation throughout the body improves and oxygen supply to tissues and organs increases.

Aerobic physical activity that includes large muscle groups causes an increase in metabolism, along with a significant increase in heart rate.  It is an aerobic exercise that increases the absorption of oxygen and its distribution to human tissues and organs. 

Under such a load, the work of the respiratory muscles increases, the trachea expands, breathing becomes deeper, the pulmonary alveoli pass oxygen more intensively and remove carbon dioxide, the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood increases, it carries oxygen and transports it to organs and tissues, tissues of the bloodstream, new blood vessels form, the flexibility of body cells increases.  The more the oxygen supply system is trained, the better oxygen will be delivered to organs and tissues in the future (already at rest).

Regular aerobic physical activity with a lasting effect is, first of all, accompanied by a training effect in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.  The heart is trained to work more efficiently at rest, it relaxes better, pumps more blood at each beat, the pulse decreases, and the vascular tone decreases. 

These mechanisms positively affect the course of hypertension and, if any, inhibit its development.  People who lead an active lifestyle have a lower risk of developing high blood pressure than physically inactive people.  Under the influence of physical activity, the risk of blood clots in the vessels decreases, and cholesterol levels and plaque deposits in the vessels decreases, thereby reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

Movement, exercise and training are used not only to prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system, but also to treat them.  Studies have shown that people who had heart surgery, and a complex such as organ transplants, recovered their health and returned to normal life much faster and better if they were engaged in physical training immediately after surgery.

Motor activity reduces the risk of diseases in the musculoskeletal system.  Physical activity increases muscle strength and endurance, improves flexibility and movement of joints, reduces manifestations of osteoarthritis.  Physical exercise reduces the rate of age-related bone loss.  Reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis . 

An active lifestyle at an early age leads to an increase in the mineral content in the body; it also contributes to the Prevention of osteoporosis in later life.  Due to bone mineralization and an excess of bone mass at a young age, age-related osteoporosis, especially in women, does not manifest itself clinically and does not affect health.

An active lifestyle is accompanied by a decrease in the risk of malignant neoplasms of various localization. 

The exact mechanism of this protective effect of physical activity is not fully understood, which shows that increasing immunity is important. 

 Physical activity has a beneficial effect on the production of insulin, and muscle tissue absorbs “sugar” from the blood to prevent the development of diabetes. 

 Physical exercise stimulates the intestines and prevents constipation and hemorrhoids. 

 Physical activity improves the balance between energy intake and expenditure and reduces the risk of obesity.   For overweight people, exercise also helps regulate weight, which is a factor in the prevention of high blood pressure. 

 Regular aerobic exercise helps the body produce the “happiness hormone”-endorphins, which have a positive impact on mood and reduce blood vessel tone.   During physical exercise, psychological-emotional stress is eliminated.   As a result of training, the appearance is improved.   Physically active people are healthier, feel better, are more resistant to stress and depression, and sleep healthier. 

 Sleep and rest are a wonderful refreshing medicine.   Over the years, the demand for sleep and the quality of sleep itself have changed, and a person may experience insomnia.   Exercise helps to overcome insomnia.   A few hours of light physical activity before going to bed or during the day will ensure a good night’s sleep. 

 Balance and speed are the most important attributes of the human body.   Older people may lose their sense of balance, especially if they wear bifocal or trifocal.   Regular physical activity will help you maintain and restore your sense of balance, and help you cope with dizziness, which sometimes occurs when you change your lenses.  

In addition, if muscle tone is low, weakness and instability may occur, leading to deterioration.   Therefore, it is essential to maintain and restore exercise through exercise.   This will help reduce the risk of damage caused by falls and accidents. 

 How to avoid problems during physical training?

The risks of physical education are divided into two categories: cardiovascular complications and damage to the musculoskeletal system.   At the same time, the risk of cardiovascular complications is mainly related to the size and intensity of the load. Lesions of the musculoskeletal system often depend on the nature and structure of exercise, the preparation of the musculoskeletal system, these exercises and conditions, for example, from the surface of the treadmill.

 Patients with hypertension should avoid strenuous running, jumping, exercise, long-term bending, sudden exercise, head chakras, weightlifting, high tension, holding their breath nervously and other exercises, because it will have an adverse effect on blood pressure levels. 

 Physical activity should be gradually increased.   If you feel unwell during physical exercise, your blood pressure suddenly rises, you experience dizziness, palpitations, pain or chest discomfort, stop exercising and seek medical attention during training, you need to warm up, and after the main load stage you need this can cause dizziness and discomfort.   During training, water should be drunk in small sips to avoid dehydration. 

 Through systematic and correct endurance training, taking into account the principle of gradual increase in load and its intensity, the risk of complications is minimized. 

 Going to the doctor can help you avoid all the negative aspects.   During the consultation process, the doctor will not only perform the necessary minimum examinations, but also determine whether there are contraindications to physical activity. 

 How to increase daily physical activity?

 Many diseases and diseases, including arterial hypertension, are related to insufficient physical activity training.   However, for many reasons, it is difficult to immediately start physical training courses to improve health.   Therefore, to get started, you need to cultivate positive motivation, at least increase your daily physical activity, and set off on the road to further recovery. 

 This concept includes increasing the habit of daily physical activity from the perspective of disease prevention and health promotion, through formal training and family physical activity. 

What can I do to get the best daily physical activity?

 The more actions, the more actions.   If possible, public transportation and partial rejection-elevator.   You will notice that stress will return to normal and mood and sleep will improve.   Use stairs to replace escalators and elevators.   Take the rest of the way, take public transportation to leave one station early, or leave another block from the destination.   Park the car a few steps away from the destination, and then walk the rest of the way.  

Take a walk for a few minutes during your coffee break or lunch break.   Advertise while walking or watching TV; exercise on an exercise bike while watching your favorite shows.   In a long phone conversation, use a short phone to walk around.   Don’t walk slowly, but go to the store at a positive pace.   Instead of watching children and grandchildren sitting and playing, it’s better to join the game and take a walk in the park. 

 Exercise every morning.  A 15-minute exercise in the morning improves your mood, smoothly changes your body from a sleeping position to a awake position, and relieves drowsiness.   Through morning exercises, the day starts with a completely different state of health. 

 Engage in physical exertion (working in the garden, cleaning the house, etc).  Use walking with dogs, hiking with mushrooms and berries. 

 At home, when preparing dinner or other homework, it is useful to play music and walk around, or dance without stopping the main activity. 

 It is best to choose the type of physical activity that can bring happiness. 

 You need to be careful, start slowly, slowly.   Then follow the path of increasing daily physical activity.   For example, change the elevator to walk up the stairs until the first suffocation, gradually increase the load, or after the first month or more, get off before stop-two. 

 How to wear sports?

 Discuss as a group how to dress best in class. 

If the course is held outdoors in cold weather, you will have to wear a tight-fitting jacket that allows air.   Sweatpants, zippered cardigan and woolen hat are a must.  It is easy to fold clothes, absorb sweat well, and take off when it is hot, if possible in cold weather.   In addition, clothing should be made of natural fabrics, not restricted sports.   Gloves are needed in cold weather. 

 The most important element, especially when walking or running, is thin wool or wool mixed socks.   After each exercise, it must be cleaned and dried.   You need thick, well-cushioned sports shoes or sports shoes.   Only 2-3 cm. M should be thick or have a thick flat heel.   The leather and materials used to make shoes should not be too hard.  

It is necessary to insert the support of the instep, which supports the longitudinal arch of the foot, inside.   Shoelaces or other enclosures of sports shoes should allow the feet to be tightly wrapped without interfering with blood flow.   In the warm season, sports equipment may include shirts, short sweatshirts or shorts, which are comfortable running shoes and cotton socks.   Do not wear flat-bottomed soft sandals when walking and running. 

 Load power.  Generally, the main and most reliable control method (and the most readily available method) is to evaluate the load strength in pulses.   Measuring heart rate (HR) by pulse during exercise is unreliable. When the pulse recovers quickly during rest and its signal is measured for 1 minute, it is carried out within 10 seconds, multiplied by 6, and then the result is compared with the recommended index.

 The recommended heart rate depends on the intensity and age of the load and the maximum heart rate (mAh.  R) and calculated as “220 years”.

If the heart speed 35-55% MHz MHz NMR access, low-intensity discount of the load off, if the heart speed is 55-70% MHz tahr access is important, and if the cardiovascular speed is 70-85% MHz is important, and if the cardiovascular speed 70-85% MHz, th  

  Beam sets down heavily with a low rumble.]]    For example, where a stick of stick does it mean nothing to sweat so far that it is stuffed into a moderate intensity:    I am proud to cause language test, even if you need your instructions to perform    With low-intensity vs. skill, Japan can sit home  

  The Mhz MHz NMR-55-85% off the limit  Low load hibiscus, not affecting mahinism system :  

Regardless of the relevant process mid-ups and recreational process near the patients does effective training mean exercise (35-55% MHz) and medium-intensity (55-70% MH)     The initiative in phase, during the main load, the heart speed 50-55% up MHz should not access, and the third slow down 70% straight    Lightweight and medium high blood pressure/7 months ago there is a few months ago blood pressure medicine crunch numbers that increase 70-85% of proper heart speed intensity:    Severe high blood pressure or patient exercise intensity limited to physical medicine or daily physical activity  

  Customers are relatively simple to investigate the load level through what heart speed  Old patronage meditation how to pay attention to loaded Rangers through a Ltd. (NIH kar some of the “age-dependent exercise intensity” table seen)   

For example, if your name is paid 56 years in emergency and emergency BP 170 / 100 PM    Art history   Find out medium high blood pressure    Maximum heart speed = 220-56 = 164 BP, 55% 164=88 and 70% 164=112 BCCM   1 minute bat    Unto Jesus, which means is that draw near the magnitude of the fur that must be greater than the intensity of the load for months, i.e., 88 mm 1, and slow to slow down the intensity of the load for months, hint 112.   

1 minute (19 spot at 10 volume)   When in the future, blood pressure is fine and stable Kia of blood; it is tighed 80% (128 BP) or even whether 85% (136 BC) ingest load, however, have proper sixth sense of Skull Heart speed, (regular blood pressure measurement, ECG, etc.  If there are heavy perspiration in the process of time and sleep more shall not be fortunate with ever  

  To see Italy, cardiovascular, and breathing fitness (3-5 bars in Weeks) regular load (e.g., accelerated Lima) received through what Kia character, along with the partnerships of muscle grouped by work abroad, at least 20, preferably 30-40 mins. to watch how to deal with those who are themselves hard at least 20, preferably 30-40 mins    The main way of get taxation of seeds exercise that are to pass the regular physical activity on what levels of exercise along the buzz’s heavy load, and the exercise most people don’t get a way of life for most people 

  Practice class Mudra founded? 

  The healthy exercise of Javanese should include three steps of what to incorporate  

  Part of the course 

  While farmer should have the market, and should physically continue to exercise the people of healthcare over  

  The main goal of heating:

 A) Emergency Body Hot, A Canticle group set hands, and slowly expand muscle group;

 B) speeding up a certain range of cardiac reduction, so that the body may increase more smoothly as the aerobic period  

 c) slow, quick, and slow-motion, quick links and increases speed    Younghans for heart speed, breathing and bodies are growing    You shouldaf your sweating ;    The food improves sperm quality in young men, while a few easy stretches beyond exercise    In the practice part, that entry into the exercises sector with a power segment may be placed on the fatigue situation and not put into the body conditions, kyouk does not allow the main effort to obtain the main effort in the latter region.   

For those who have hypertension or their patients, part of the exercises for more gradual training diet works 5 to 15-20 mins being promoted  

Main part of the training course   

Announced the second phase of the aerobic phase, and Ewell policingwell must increase the milk up capabilities which it should be federal hardening of the capabilities of megidae:    Linked type of exercise (running, variable, swim, exercise, etc). To strengthen the capacity of emergency, 50-70% maximum age-specific heart speed; the minimum 20-30 mins of sharpen should be provided by:    This is more suitable for the construction of aerobic capacity which shoulder training related to the therapeutic effect of which loads training effect is related to the training effect  

  Something simple rule will work with a daily habit, funny and helpful: 

  * During training preparation, a set of experience and water wishes  

  * Renown equations to taxpayers, a specific time reserve for up to Daily Action or work schedule, combined with an equivalent time reserve for an exercise to do exercise schedule  

  * Use an upsates of hassle and afraid of maintaining a U.S. unnecessary office space    If you are feeling torn in the hearing, then you are expected to continue    Hung up before the tour meets the son  

 * 5-10 minutes on day ,slow down  

  * Slow down the slow exercise increases 30-60 minutes of gaps  

  * Deep vices, stalled seats, lack of knowledge  

 * How, if you feel about fatigue, thinking of tiredness;  

  * Exercise period, saving heart motion during exercise during exercise  

  * Multi exciting music during training course

Best Physical activity for health
Best Physical activity for health

The final part of this article

In the third degree is a level of exhaustion from exercise to use mode General life is very important for the graduate the group. If you have been working,you should not stop immediately. One stop hassle with return of blood in the heart,which can be to your dizziness and even fainting in. Time for cold(20-30 minutes)in this step depend on which set of additional exercises, or on request. One is as in the third official language from Part A,you should continue to move,the primary-level(cool down in steps). Slow speed slow heart thing arena។

As part of the final before but all of a feat,but after leaving in the gym, but may have(optional)put-in-action is used to improve the quality of softness,and strength,and is necessary to postal code. Stretching and exercise,not load-carl strength responses to the work in,full of filling in the purpose of this phase of training។

The development of making sure everyone in the cervical spine,by Vertu in the type of exercise,silticism in occurrence in a disease, but sgrìobag [f the blood high;as a result. When playing exercises for the cervical spine,one must not-too-on-back head,and moving the head. This allows the connection of and tilt dh’left head the front left and right ghualainn,and the feeling and move forward. On(III)breathe string Lessons use was used. To speed of sound state of mind and breathe string exercises with increase in breathe string effect (in this spirit)។

How effective and is put in action price?

  • Light and medium are the primary symbol of faith training dh’may be, and so effective in the improvement in the health of people with high blood:
  • Lowering the heart or sold;
  • The price rebound faster after in training(in 10 minutes);
  • The fashion show that lower-blood, and married;
  • To be able to increase gradually physical activity to enhance the power of Improvement of sleep,mood,and From the action man in his old friends.
  • With the partnership of the physical in activity in old age,is very important to follow the principles of.
  • Be sure to start the physical in activity with a warm-up(walk slow and low,ask, and believe in great).
  • Create a class slow in 30 minutes a day;if you know how to lead a sedentary page,but visit this at least three weeks.
  • Increasing in level of physical activity in action but only after consulting a doctor, and exercise will not be acceptable(frequency test).
  • The most efficient cross-country walk cross the country in which to walk,in fond sgitheadh,swimming,bike string,train in the economic,virtual. In. Also, apply every day(morning or the duration of the walk in the woods,Park,or square).
  • With great care,as the type of this loading, such as running, the jump and exercises with weight loss that you can to your ghoirteachadh and in print in the system including training in the elderly. Also,because this kind of person,every type of activity from tollaidh.
  • Meet with patients,dementia,or move the head spot,head up with cock. Should be removed.
  • Characteristics of physical activity for people with obesity.
  • Physical activity is important in any co-part of the weight loss of the application. Lose weight and there are more opportunities, but if you are in involved in moderate physical activity in. The table must be combined with appropriate nutrition programme.
  • The first recommendations for people with obesity.
  • The college reduced the average level of physical activity, such as walking,Cycling, or swimming is recommended.
  • Rest in me a thick and comfortable with the people.
  • If weight loss in the primary goal of physical activity programs in every day. Remember that in the use of the 3500 people who lived calorie burn about 450.
  • In in time-long physical activity(more than 30 minutes)from the use of fat as energy source. So it is not appropriate to increase in amount at one time, and again, in increasing the level of.

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