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Lose weight: Best way to lose weight for a teenager aged 13-18, nutritionist advice, and menus for proper nutrition

Lose weight: Best way to lose weight for a teenager aged 13–18, nutritionist advice, and menus for proper nutrition

Chips, soda, candy bars – typical school food. Well, meeting friends, for sure, is customary over a glass of cola with a portion of french fries. And how to lose weight for a teenager with such a diet … Scientists have proven that the level of stress in the life of an ordinary student of 12-15 years old is much higher than that of, for example, an average office worker. It is constant mental activity plus a significant emotional background that makes people at this age choose literally “stuffed” foods with sugar and constantly snack. Not the last role in the matter of weight gain is played by low physical activity. 

School physical education is not designed for everyone, and teachers in this area do not always aim to instill a love for sports. Therefore, “liberation from fear” is not at all uncommon. Well, 3-4 hours of lessons at home plus an evening at the computer or in front of the TV complete the unhealthy picture. To lose weight, you just need to change the mode to a healthier one.

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Sample menu to lose weight for the week

Below is a menu, adhering to which teenagers can lose weight without harm to their health. A diet for a 15-year-old girl is not much different from lose weight of young men of the same age who want to lose weight those extra pounds. To increase the daily calorie content, teenage boys are recommended to additionally include protein dishes for lose weight: a couple of eggs, a serving of cottage cheese, and a few pieces of cheese.

Protein diet for fast weight loss
Protein diet for fast lose weight
  • breakfast: oatmeal with banana slices + toast with cheese;
  • snack: a sandwich with meat, tomato, and lettuce + apple;
  • lunch: pea soup + pollock fillet with boiled potatoes;
  • afternoon snack: cottage cheese with berries;
  • dinner: boiled chicken breast, vegetable salad.
  • Breakfast: 3-egg omelet + diet bread + apple;
  • snack: yogurt with berries and nuts + a piece of cheese;
  • lunch: borscht + vegetable stew with beef;
  • afternoon snack: grated carrots with an apple, a handful of nuts;
  • dinner: baked pink salmon with onions and carrots, cucumber, and tomato salad with herbs.
  • breakfast: millet porridge with pumpkin + croutons with cheese and egg;
  • snack: a sandwich with a piece of boiled chicken breast with cucumber and herbs + kiwi;
  • lunch: vegetable soup + meatballs with rice;
  • afternoon snack: cottage cheese casserole with raisins;
  • dinner: buckwheat porridge with cutlet + tomato.
  • breakfast: barley porridge + apple + 2 boiled eggs;
  • snack: cottage cheese with raisins + a piece of cheese;
  • lunch: lentil soup + fish cakes with mashed potatoes;
  • afternoon snack: cottage cheese with berries;
  • dinner: boiled chicken fillet + vinaigrette.
  • breakfast: buckwheat porridge + a piece of cheese + an orange;
  • snack: a sandwich with tongue or tuna, avocado, and herbs + orange;
  • lunch: borscht + pasta with tomato and egg;
  • afternoon snack: baked apple with cottage cheese;
  • dinner: baked chicken breast with zucchini + tomato and cucumber salad.
  • breakfast: omelet from 3 eggs + toast with cheese + pear;
  • snack: cottage cheese casserole with raisins;
  • lunch: pea soup + roast pork tenderloin with vegetables;
  • afternoon snack: grated carrots with an apple, a handful of nuts;
  • dinner: salmon steak, baked cauliflower + cucumber.
  • breakfast: five-grain porridge with raisins + croutons with cheese and egg;
  • snack: cheesecakes baked in the oven + pear;
  • lunch: vegetable soup + buckwheat with goulash;
  • afternoon snack: yogurt with berries and nuts;
  • dinner: chicken cutlet with stewed cabbage, tomato.

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How to build an activity for lose weight

* Start your workout with a little warm-up, like this one.

* Perform all exercises at a relaxed pace.

* The first three to four workouts, follow the strength training scheme: do 2 sets of exercises, 10-15 repetitions each. After that, move on to circuit training: do the exercise for 35 seconds, then rest for 15 seconds and move on to the next one. At the end of the circle, take a break for 1 minute, then repeat everything from the beginning. Try to complete three such circles.

* End your workout with some light stretching.

* Practice this pattern 3-4 times a week.

To complete the complex, you only need a mat.

Proper nutrition for lose weight

Is it possible for a teenager to lose weight 10 kg, and is it safe? To understand, let’s start discussing the most important thing – nutrition. There is nothing complicated here, no need to look for some exotic products that grow only on the plantations of Africa. We ban a teenager 12 years and older from all the junk food that they love so much.

  • Fast food. If your child is a fan of high-calorie food from McDonald’s, then he should say “Goodbye” to such establishments or say goodbye not only to his figure but also to his health.
  • Cakes, pastries, various pastries, sweets, chocolate. These products must be consumed in limited quantities, as they have a high-calorie content and are detrimental to the figure. Willpower and some psychological tricks will help get rid of cravings for sweets.
  • Soda. It’s no secret that Coca-Cola has no health benefits. It will negatively affect the skin, teeth, and the body as a whole.
  • Sausage, sausages. These foods are high in salt, which retains fluid in the body, and fat, which settles on the sides.

Healthy diet for lose weight

Include in the menu for lose weight:

  • Lots of vegetables and fruits.
  • Food that is steamed or oven-cooked.
  • Sweets can be replaced with fruits or dried fruits. If you feel a strong craving for sweets, you can eat a couple of dates, they are very sugary. Sugar can be replaced with honey or honey herb stevia (this is a natural sweetener).
Carbohydrates function: Most 12 Delicious Foods to Gain Muscle Fast
Carbohydrates function: Delicious Foods to Gain Muscle Fast

For beginners, you can calculate the balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Their ratio should be equal to 1:1:4. For people who are overweight, carbohydrate-containing foods for lose weight should be less. But it is worth noting that slow carbohydrates necessary for daily consumption will be useful. Namely, they contain:

You can count calories, this will help beginners navigate among products and their calorie content.

You should try to eat about 5-6 times a day. Portions should not be huge, it is not necessary to accustom the body to overeating. Otherwise, you can forget about the teenager losing weight faster. Learn to listen to your body, it will tell you when you are full.

A special place is occupied by food in the school. Usually, at this time, there is a second breakfast, and it should not be neglected. If the school offers a good menu, then you can buy food there. Or refuse to eat from the dining room, and start wearing your breakfasts.

No matter how trite it may sound, drinking 1.5-2 liters of water a day will be useful. With enough water:

  • the skin will improve;
  • metabolism will speed up.

It will also be useful to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning before breakfast, which will help the body wake up.

The right daily routine contributes to weight loss in a short time. For 10 kg. in a week you, of course, will not lose weight, but by 10 kg. a month is quite possible.

sample menu

At first glance, it may seem that preparing such a menu would be difficult. But it’s not. We offer an example of such a diet:

“Crab” and “Boat” for lose weight

Stand up straight with a mat spread out in front of you. Bend your body down, put your palms on the floor and “walk” your hands forward on the mat. Stand on the bar with straight arms, do not bend at the waist. Then lower your stomach and legs to the floor, and stretch your arms forward. Work the muscles of the press and buttocks, at the same time lift your arms and legs above the floor. Fix for 5 seconds. Then again take the bar with straight arms and “step back” with your palms to your feet. This will make one repetition.

Protein diet for fast weight loss
Protein diet for fast lose weight

Principles of lose weight at home

Any teenage wants to lose weight should be based on the postulates of proper nutrition. The combination of nutrients entering the body is very important. A competent ratio of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates with a daily calorie content of not more than 2000 kcal/day will normalize weight. Proteins should be no more than 40%, fats – 30%, the rest falls on the share of carbohydrates.

Any safe diet to lose weight for teenagers includes several mandatory principles:

  1. Regular meals. During the day you need to eat at least 4-5 times. This is breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon snack, and one snack 2-2.5 hours after breakfast. Portions should not be large to avoid overeating. Ideally, the body needs no more than 300 grams of food to saturate.
  2. Breakfast is not to be missed! The first meal is a signal for the body to start working. All organs and systems receive an energy charge, being included in the process. It is better to choose foods for breakfast that can energize the body for a long time. As a rule, in the morning a teenager goes to school. Therefore, products that can keep the brain active will be important here. For breakfast, various cereals or cottage cheese products are perfect. The key is to avoid too much butter. One teaspoon is enough.
  3. A complete rejection of sugary carbonated drinks, fast food, chocolate bars, and fried pies. All of these foods contain too much fat and sugar. With such a complex combination, the liver of a teenager is not able to cope properly. A sharp jump in sugar contributes to a strong release of insulin. If such harmful products enter the body every day, there is too little insulin, which leads to metabolic disorders and rapid weight gain.
  4. Regular consumption of raw vegetables and fruits. The more natural products enter the body, the better it works. Fiber, which is found in vegetables, cleanses the intestines like a brush. All substances unnecessary to the body are safely excreted. It also provides a feeling of satiety. If you add a serving of fresh vegetable salad to the cutlet, you will feel full for much longer.
  5. Compliance with the drinking regime. The optimal amount of water for a fast-growing organism will be at least 1.5 liters per day. It is better to drink ordinary clean water, it is not necessary to use mineral water. The latter is prescribed for various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is enough for a healthy person to drink ordinary boiled water.

Diagonal twists for lose weight

Lie on your back, put your palms behind your head and join your fingers in a lock at the back of your head. Bend your knees slightly. Lift your shoulder blades off the floor and, gently twisting at your thoracic spine, bring your left elbow toward your right knee. Move your right thigh towards your stomach. Return to starting position, do the same on the other side. This will make one repetition. Complete the required number of them.

Do not skip classes to get in shape faster. It will also be helpful to increase the amount of physical activity in general: for example, go for long walks daily at a calm pace.

Diet menu for lose weight

The proposed diet for lose weight is suitable for boys and girls. The list shows an approximate serving size, but you can adjust it for individual calorie values. Menu for a teenager for 1 week of diet:

  • Mon: breakfast: 2 egg scrambled eggs and 100 ml of milk, 20 grams of whole grain bread, 10 grams of hard cheese, green tea;
  • lunch: 350 grams of beef borscht, 20 grams of whole grain bread, 100 grams of fresh vegetable salad;
  • afternoon snack: 200 grams of cottage cheese and apple soufflé, 250 ml of freshly squeezed fruit juice;
  • dinner: 150 grams of baked fish, 100 grams of vegetable stew.
  • 200 g of buckwheat with 5 g of butter, 150 g of fresh vegetable salad;
  • 350 g of buckwheat soup with chicken, 20 g of whole grain bread, 20 g of hard cheese;
  • 2 baked apples with cottage cheese and honey;
  • 150 g baked chicken breast, 150 g fresh vegetable salad, and feta.
  • 200 g mashed potatoes, 1 chicken cutlet, 20 g wholemeal bread, 1 medium tomato;
  • 350g rice soup with beef meatballs, 20g wholemeal bread, 100g carrot casserole;
  • 30 g of nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts), 250 ml of natural yogurt with 1 tsp. honey;
  • 150 g tuna, tomato, egg, and onion salad, 250 ml tomato juice.
  • 200 g of oatmeal in the water, 1 soft-boiled chicken egg, 20 g of hard cheese;
  • 350 g of mushroom soup, 100 g of apple charlotte, 250 ml of green tea;
  • 200 g of fruits and berries, 250 ml of kefir;
  • 250 g vegetable salad with chicken meat.
  • 250 g durum wheat spaghetti with shrimp and vegetables, green tea;
  • 350 g cabbage soup on beef, 2 small toasts with cheese;
  • 200 g of fresh cucumber and tomato salad, 20 g of whole grain bread;
  • 250 g of cottage cheese with sour cream and dried fruits.
  • 250 g rice pilaf with apple and raisins, 250 ml cocoa;
  • 200 g pumpkin puree soup, 100 g baked potatoes, 50 g low-calorie chicken nuggets;
  • 200 g fruit salad with yogurt dressing;
  • 150 g grilled fish, 100 g fresh vegetable salad.
  • 2 toasts with avocado and cheese, 250 ml of coffee drink;
  • 200 g creamy broccoli soup, 150 g potato, and vegetable casserole, 20 g wholemeal bread;
  • 2 pancakes on kefir with curd filling, 250 ml of milk;
  • 150 g stewed liver, 100 g carrot, cabbage, and sour apple salad.

Diet Recipes for lose weight

Lose weight for teenagers is not so difficult if parents help to create and implement a varied menu. Delicious dessert will brighten up the diet. Recipe for cottage cheese and apple soufflé:

  • wet cottage cheese – 200 grams;
  • sweet apple – 1 pc.;
  • medium-sized chicken egg – 2 pcs.;
  • honey – 1 tsp;
  • vanilla – on the tip of a knife;
  • raisins – optional, by eye.
  • Grind cottage cheese with a blender or grind through a sieve until creamy.
  • Grate the apple on a fine grater, and squeeze the juice lightly.
  • Separate the egg white from the yolk.
  • Mix cottage cheese, apple, egg yolk, honey, and vanilla.
  • Beat the protein with a pinch of salt until thick fluffy foam forms.
  • In small portions, stir the protein into the curd-apple mixture. Do this carefully so that the foam does not settle.
  • Divide the mixture into cupcake molds.
  • Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 180 ° C or 5 minutes in the microwave at maximum power.
  • Sprinkle with cinnamon before serving.

Boys and girls love fast food. One of the popular dishes is nuggets. Breaded chicken is very high in calories, but if the dish is cooked correctly, then it can be eaten even on a diet for teenagers. Recipe for PP nuggets:

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