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Physical exercise: Best Physical exercise for health in 2022

Physical exercise 2022: Most importance physical exercise for the body

“Movement is life”: this statement is many years old and has lost none of its meaning. Recent research has only confirmed its validity. Why physical activity is necessary, what are the dangers of not doing it and how to avoid many problems: this is what we will discuss in this article.

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The importance of exercise

Adequate exercise is essential for normal functioning. When muscles work, endorphins are released in the body. The happy hormones relieve nervous tension and increase tone. As a result, negative emotions disappear and performance levels increase.

When skeletal muscles are active, redox processes are activated and all human organs and systems “wake up” and start to function. To stay healthy, it is important to keep fit. It has been shown that older people who practice a sport regularly have better organ function and reaches the age levels of people 5-7 years younger.

Physical activity prevents the development of senile muscular atrophy.  The way a sick person has been observed by all those who have had to observe strict bed rest. After 10 days of bed rest, it is very difficult to return to the previous level of performance, as the strength of the cardiac spasms is reduced, resulting in starvation of the whole body, metabolic disorders, etc. The result is a general weakness, including muscular weakness.

Physical activity in pre-school children promotes not only physical but also mental development. Children who are deprived of physical activity from an early age become unhealthy and weak.

Why do modern people move less and less?

This is due to lifestyles that are often dictated by external conditions:

– Physical labor is used less and less. In production, people are replaced by various mechanisms.

– There are more and more knowledge workers.

– A large number of devices are used in everyday life. For example, washing machines and dishwashers have made work easier with a few buttons.

– Widespread use of different means of transport has replaced walking and cycling.

– Children’s physical activity is very low, as they prefer playing computer games to going outside.

On the one hand, the widespread use of gadgets has made people’s lives much easier. On the other hand, it has eliminated people’s freedom of movement.

Physical exercise
Physical exercise

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Hyperdynamics and its damage

Insufficient physical activity in humans damages the whole organism. The body is designed for a high daily workload. When it does not achieve this, it begins to reduce its functions, decreasing the number of functional fibers, etc. Thus, everything that is “superfluous” (according to the organism), i.e. not involved in the vital process, is eliminated. Muscle starvation leads to destructive changes. First is the cardiovascular system. The number of reserve blood vessels and the capillary network are reduced. The blood supply to the entire body, including the heart and brain, deteriorates.

Even the smallest blood clot can cause serious problems for people who lead a sedentary life. They do not have a well-developed system of supportive blood pathways, so they “close off” a large area of nourishment by blocking a blood vessel. In people who are actively moving, a backup supply route is quickly established so that they can recover easily. Yes, blood clots occur much later and less frequently because there is no congestion in the body.

Muscle starvation can be more dangerous than beriberi or starvation. But the body reports the latter quickly and intelligently. The feeling of hunger is very unpleasant. But the former does not inform itself, it can even provoke pleasant sensations: the body is resting, it is relaxed, it is comfortable for it. Due to insufficient physical activity of the body, the muscles fail already at the age of 30.

The harm of prolonged sitting

In most modern workplaces, people sit for 8 to 10 hours a day. This is very harmful to the body. The constant lying down puts strain on some muscle groups, while others are not strained at all. This is why office workers often suffer from back problems. There is also congestion in the pelvic organs, which is particularly harmful to women, as it causes disturbances in the urinary-genital system.

The positive impact of physical activity

Active muscle work relieves pressure on individual organs and systems. Gas exchange improves, blood circulates faster through the veins and the heart works more efficiently. Exercise also calms the nervous system, which increases an individual’s performance. Exercise.

It has been shown that active people live longer and get sick less. In old age, they avoid many dangerous diseases such as atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, or hypertension. However, the body starts to deteriorate much later.

Best Physical activity for health
Best Physical activity for health

Who is physical activity important for?

For those who are not very active during the day, of course. People with atherosclerosis and hypertension also need to exercise. This doesn’t have to be in the gym or on the treadmill. Walking is enough.

Physical activity brings invaluable benefits to knowledge workers. It activates the brain and reduces psycho-emotional overload. Many writers and philosophers say that their best ideas come from walking. Aristotle, for example, organized a whole school of Peripatetics in ancient Greece. He walked around with his students, discussing ideas and philosophizing. The scientist was convinced that walking increases the productivity of intellectual work.

The physical activity of preschool children should engage parents, because only in this way can they ensure the correct and harmonious development of the child. The child should walk a lot and play outdoors.

The most accessible form of physical activity

“I don’t have time to exercise” is the answer most people give when told that they don’t have enough physical work to do. However, you don’t have to spend 2-3 hours a day exercising. You can get the “dose” of exercise you need by walking. For example, if your commute takes 20 minutes, you can walk 2-3 stops instead of taking the bus. Walking before bedtime is very useful. The night air clears your mind, allows you to calm down, and gets rid of the stress of the day. Your sleep will be strong and healthy.

When to go

Don’t go out immediately after eating. This inhibits the digestive process. Wait 50-60 minutes for the first stage to be completed.

You can establish an exercise routine during the day. For example, go for a short walk in the morning to refresh yourself and then at lunch or after work. And in the evening before going to bed. In this case, 10-15 minutes for each “input” is enough.

Best Physical activity for health
Best Physical activity for health

The best exercise for your health

If you don’t have the determination or desire to force yourself to go out every time, you can get a dog. You need to walk with it, whatever your preference. Pets help children organize their exercise, especially if they prefer to spend all their free time at the computer.

How to do it right

While walking is normal for everyone, some nuances need to be considered for maximum impact and benefit.

The stride must be firm, steady, and brisk. When walking, you should actively use the muscles of your legs, lower limbs, and thighs. Your chest and back should also be involved. Around 50 muscles should be used in a stride. Do not take too many steps, as you will tire quickly. The distance between your feet should not exceed the length of your leg. You should also control your posture: keep your back straight and your shoulders straight. Under no circumstances should you lean. While walking, your breathing should be steady, deep, and rhythmic.

The correct organization of exercise is very important. Walking is an excellent vascular exercise and improves capillary and collateral circulation. The lungs also start to work more efficiently. This helps the oxygenation of the blood. The body gets enough nutrients, which speeds up the cell and tissue metabolism promotes digestion and improves the function of internal organs. Spare blood from the liver and spleen enters the blood vessels.

Basic errors

If discomfort or pain occurs, it is necessary to stop, breathe and, if necessary, stop walking.

Many people believe that only strenuous exercise is effective, but this is a big mistake. In addition, unprepared beginners should not embark on long walks. The development of physical activity should be gradual. You should also not try to overcome discomfort and pain by increasing the level of exertion.

The importance of morning training

Another good habit. But people still ignore doctors’ recommendations. Morning exercise does not eliminate drowsiness. The benefits are much greater. First of all, it “wakes up” the nervous system and improves its functioning. Light exercise strengthens the body and makes it move quickly.

You can exercise outdoors and finish with a massage or shower. This has an additional strengthening effect. Being in the water also helps to reduce swelling and normalise blood circulation.
Light exercise is invigorating and makes you feel refreshed as soon as you get up. It also improves many physical characteristics: strength, endurance, speed, flexibility and coordination. You can train specific muscle groups or traits by including specialised exercises in your morning routine. Daily exercise keeps you fit, helps your body’s reserve system and compensates for a lack of physical activity.

Well-organised physical activity

The optimal level of physical activity depends on the individual. Too much or too little activity is neither a cure nor a benefit. It is important to understand this in order to determine the right amount of activity.
There are several principles to help you organise your physical activity correctly. These all apply when designing an exercise routine. There are just three main groups:

  • Progressiveness. An unfit person should start with a small amount of exercise. If you try to lift a lot of weight immediately or run a long distance, you can do a lot of damage to your body. Physical activity should be increased gradually.
  • Later. A very universal concept. Learn the basics first, build a foundation or learn how to perform the exercises correctly, and then move on to more complex elements. In short, it is the principle of “from simple to complex”.
  • Regularity and consistency. If you train for a week and then stop for a month, it has no effect. Your body will only get stronger and more resilient if you exercise regularly.
    A trained body can adapt quickly to changing conditions, activate reserves, conserve energy, etc. Most importantly, it stays active, mobile and therefore alive for longer.
    It is difficult to overestimate the importance of exercise in maintaining physical fitness and well-being.

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