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A healthy lifestyle: Top 5 main factors that destroy health and top 10 rules for a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle: Top 5 main factors that destroy health and top 10 rules for a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle refers to a person’s lifestyle aimed at preventing disease and maintaining good health. A healthy lifestyle allows us to achieve our goals, successfully realize our plans, overcome difficulties and, if necessary, cope with enormous overloads. The health that protects and strengthens a person enables him to lead a long and happy life.

A healthy lifestyle: Top 5 main factors that destroy health and top 10 rules for a healthy lifestyle
A healthy lifestyle: Top 5 main factors that destroy health and top 10 rules for a healthy lifestyle

The health of everyone is as valuable as the economy of the country as a whole. When we meet and create the people we care about, we want them to be healthy because that’s the most important thing in a long and happy life.

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Psychoactive Substances (Drugs) for DESTROY HEALTH

Addiction to psychoactive substances (drugs) is a painful thirst that can lead to serious problems with the mental and physical activity of the body for the destruction of health. It is common knowledge that drugs are toxic. They do irreparable damage to our health regardless of the amount they take.

Drugs enter the holy of holies in the body and gradually, severely, and sometimes irreversibly destroy the addict’s nervous system, including his brain. Changes are subject to individual neurons, areas of the brain, in particular those involved in the processes of memory and semantic processing. This, in turn, has a direct impact on human behavior; His professional activity is reduced, he withdraws from social activities, all his free time is absorbed by thoughts about drugs.

Protein diet for fast weight loss
Protein diet for fast weight loss

As a result – a high level of absenteeism and low labor productivity, graduation from school or university, unwillingness to take care of children, spouses, sick parents, neglect of household chores. In other words, the addict degrades as a person, becoming a cruel and limited egoist, caring only about the next drug impulse.

All drugs, no matter how they enter the body, inevitably cause some degree of damage to the nervous system (including the brain), immune system, liver, heart, and lungs.


Today, smoking has deeply permeated the lives of many people and has become a common practice. Despite the social struggles and the new requirements of the “anti-smoking” laws, part of the population is still an active smoker and everyone knows that nicotine is the strongest poison. In addition to nicotine, other components of tobacco smoke can also have harmful effects. Since carbon monoxide binds to hemoglobin faster than oxygen and spreads with the blood to all organs and tissues, when it enters the body, hypoxia occurs.

Frequent and prolonged smoking is associated with manifestations of physical discomfort: morning cough, headache, sharp discomfort in the stomach, heart, sweating, fluctuations in blood pressure, loss of sleep, appetite, memory loss. 

The person becomes nervous and irritable. In addition, smokers not only harm themselves but also those around them. Breathing air containing tobacco smoke (passive smoking) causes the same disease that smokers suffer from. A smoker inhales smoke that has passed through a cigarette filter, while a non-smoker inhales completely unfiltered smoke.

This smoke contains 50 times more carcinogens, twice as much tar, and nicotine, 5 times as carbon monoxide, and 50 times more ammonia than cigarette smoke. Therefore, quitting smoking is a prerequisite for a healthy lifestyle.


The problem of alcoholism is a ramified complex of social pathology that impedes normal human functioning. Drinking even small amounts of alcohol reduces performance, causes fatigue, and confusion, and makes it difficult to fully understand events. Alcoholism is a serious, chronic disease that is difficult to treat.

The disease of the body / Eating behavior: uncontrollable cravings for alcohol, mood swings, and weight loss. Alcohol damages brain cells impair function and damage.

Adverse effects of alcohol on the liver: chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver develop with prolonged use. Alcohol consumption, regardless of the type of energy, causes arrhythmias, metabolic processes in the tissues of the heart and brain, and irreversible changes in these tissues. The effects of alcohol affect society as a whole, but the younger generation is particularly vulnerable: the health of children, adolescents, and youth, as well as pregnant women.


Anxiety – Translated into English as “bullying, harassment, conflict”. Anxiety affects all people, regardless of their status, social status, or economic status. Strong emotions hurt a person’s emotional and physical well-being. Anxiety can lead to mental disorders (anxiety, depression, neurosis, low mood or reuse, irritability, anger, mental problems, confusion).

Stress is a major cause of many diseases, including cardiovascular (hypertension, angina, stroke), gastrointestinal (ulcer, gastritis), colds and infections, all of which are caused by weakened immunity. Most stressors in our lives cannot be eliminated. healthy lifestyle


In today’s world, office work, production automation, traffic, and the development of household appliances reduce the need for traffic. Low physical activity contributes to the development of diseases such as high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, diabetes, obesity, and osteoporosis. Even normal daily physical activity (walking outside, doing homework, climbing stairs) helps maintain muscle tone and weight, as these activities burn calories.

The most important place in healthcare and manufacturing. Remember that your health is in your hands. Don’t be a guarantor of your bad habits. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol, exercise more, and try to relieve stress and everyday problems! Be healthy!


Refusal of bad habits for a healthy lifestyle

Playing sports for a healthy lifestyle

Physical activity improves the overall health of the body and the ability of the lymphatic system to excrete toxins from the body. According to research, people who exercise regularly are 25% less likely to catch a cold than those who do not lead a healthy lifestyle.

Physical exercise
Physical exercise

But don’t be fooled. You can stay healthy by exercising for 30-60 minutes a day, but strenuous exercise can lead to weight loss. Add incentives to your schedule to help improve lung and heart function. Be sure to do push-ups to improve the function of the gastrointestinal tract and genitourinary system. Morning exercise is essential for daily physical activity. It is important to get in the habit of washing your face in the morning.

Healthy food for a healthy lifestyle

While healthy eating is a broad concept (many scientific papers have been written), the basic principles of a reasonable approach to a healthy lifestyle are:

1. Vegetables of animal origin are prohibited.

 2. Increase the number of fruits on the list.

3. Fatty foods “fast” such as candy, muffins, drinks, fast food, chips, and other “junk” foods are not excluded from the daily diet.

4. Increased group feeding (eating less at one time).

The use of foods rich in vitamins

Which foods are rich in vitamins – this question often worries people who care about their health. After all, as you know, the main source of essential nutrients for a person, without which almost all bodily processes in the human body are impossible, is food. A balanced diet can provide the body with the vitamins and minerals it needs for a healthy lifestyle.

The use of foods rich in vitamins
The use of foods rich in vitamins

Vitamin E is the first source of fat (as indicated by the letters). It intervenes in almost all physiological functions: Vitamin E is essential for the care of the eyes and the health of hair and skin, for the prevention of diseases and the normal functioning of the immune system, a powerful antioxidant, and function of two, heart and thyroid gland. An adult need to receive 0.9-1 mg of vitamin A per day.

beef liver rice (100 g of the product contains 8.2 mg of vitamin A) and pork (3.45 mg), followed by chicken egg yolk (1.26 mg), butter (0.43 mg); Among plant-based sources, carrots, sea buckthorn, mountain ash, and rose hips are the richest in this vitamin.

Vitamin D also tries to accumulate in the fatty tissue of the body. It contains two biologically active substances, of which cholecalciferol comes with food and mixes with the help of ultraviolet rays, and ergocalciferol comes only with food.

The main function of this vitamin is to absorb calcium in the small intestine, participate in metabolic processes in extracellular people, and coordinate cell reproduction. The daily requirement of the human body is 15 mcg. The maximum amount of vitamin D can be obtained by eating it in oil (20.5 mcg per 100 grams of product), followed by butter (3.5 mcg), chicken eggs (2.5 mcg), and meat (1.3 mcg).

Another fat-soluble vitamin that people need is vitamin E for a healthy lifestyle. In addition to being the main antioxidant, it strengthens the walls of the myocardium and vascular, slows down cellular aging, and improves their nutrition. Adults should consume 8-10 mg of vitamin E per day, this level can be obtained by consuming butter (121 mg per 100 g of product), sunflower oil (44 mg), corn oil (18.6 mg ), soybean oil (17.1 mg). mg), as well as germinated grains of wheat and corn (15-25 mg), oats, rye. Vitamin E is generally found in many foods.

plays an important role in blood coagulation. It is recommended to consume 120 micrograms of vitamin K daily, most of which is found in spinach (482 micrograms), lettuce (173.6 micrograms), and white cabbage (76 micrograms).

Among the water-soluble vitamins, the largest group consists of B vitamins. In natural products, they exist together and complete one main task – energy production and participation in cellular respiration. They cannot be accumulated, so it is necessary to take B vitamins daily. It should be noted that they are destroyed under the influence of alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine.

vitamin B1. The required level is 1.1-1.2 mg. It is mainly found in legumes (0.81 mg per 100 g), soybeans (0.94 mg), yeast (0.60 mg), beans (0.50 mg), buckwheat (0.43 mg), wheat 0 .42 mg), pork and beef liver (0.30 mg). ). ). mg). mg each).

vitamin B2. The daily norm is 1.3 mg. The maximum content is found in the liver (2.19 mg per 100 mg), heart and kidneys (1.8 mg each), eggs, and milk.

vitamin B6. The norm that the body needs is 1.6-2 mg. It can be obtained from daily foods such as: nuts (0.80 mg per 100 g of nuts), hazelnuts (0.70 mg), beef liver (0.70 mg), chicken (0.52 mg) , red peppers (0.50 mg). healthy lifestyle

Vitamin B9 is found in beef liver (240 mcg), kidney beans (90 mcg), spinach (80 mcg), and kidney beans (77 mcg). B12 vitamin. The required dose is 6 mcg. Its maximum content can be found in beef liver (60 mcg per 100 g of product), pork liver (30 mcg), beef liver (10 mcg), and rabbit meat (4.3 mcg). Vitamin C is necessary for the normal functioning of bones and connective tissue, it is an antioxidant for a healthy lifestyle. For adults, the physiological requirement is 90 mg per day, in smokers this level increases by about 35 mg; The maximum allowed is 2000 mg. Vitamin C is mainly found in fruits and vegetables for a healthy lifestyle.

mg in dried berries per 100 g of berries), sweet peppers (200 mg, red – 250 mg), currants and sea buckthorn (200 mg), herbs, parsley, dried porcini mushrooms (150 mg each), Brussels sprouts ( 120) mg). mg), cauliflower (70 mg), oranges (60 mg), sorrel (43 mg), lemon (40 mg)

Strengthening your body can help you lead a healthy lifestyle. It is ideal to start from childhood. Air baths are the easiest way to harden. Water surgery is also important in the healing process as it strengthens the nervous system, has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels, and helps regulate blood pressure and metabolism. First of all, it is recommended to rub the body with a dry towel for a few days before moving on to wet washing. Start washing with lukewarm water (35-36 C), then switch to cold water, and finally spray. In summer, it is better to carry out water procedures after exercising in the fresh air for a healthy lifestyle.

The yield obtained (immunoglobulin) is a protein immune agent for a healthy lifestyle. They cannot be made if there is too little meat, fish, eggs, milk, or nuts.

Prolonged stress hurts the immune system with a healthy lifestyle. It reduces the release of hormones that help maintain health by increasing levels of negative hormones. You can stop the rush of excess hormones that make you fat, nervous, and forgetful by learning how to manage stress.

One of the most effective strategies for maintaining a healthy lifestyle is getting enough sleep. People who sleep 7-8 hours do a good job. However, it is not recommended to sleep more than 8 hours. The immune system is strengthened with a good night’s sleep. The level of melatonin in the body increases during sleep, which helps the immune system work better.

beautiful men and sex. After all, the genitals, like other human organs, consisting of muscles, to some extent atrophy due to inactivity. And psychologists have found that quality sex with loved ones is highly uplifting and significantly reduces the risk of depression. However, it should also be noted that almost all experts agree that the positive aspects of regular sexual activity only emerge when partners are consistent with each other. Free sex does not produce anyone forever.

Therefore, if for some reason you do not have a permanent partner, you need to take care of your healthy lifestyle, very, very carefully. After all, promiscuity with a high degree of probability can lead to dangerous venereal and autoimmune diseases. And from a church standpoint, promiscuity is simply called fornication for a healthy lifestyle. You have a healthy lifestyle if you want to be healthy. His new mantra is for a healthy lifestyle: ready for the couch, more exercise, and more fresh air! Stress and bad habits are the biggest enemies of health. Make an effort to experience as many healthy emotions as possible while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Good luck !!! healthy lifestyle

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