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20 Best Unknown Apps for Android in 2022 | General review

Android is the largest open source mobile operating system and powers many smartphones and tablets. Due to the nature of this operating system, many developers create applications and upload them to a website.

There are over 2 million apps available for download on the Google Play store, but there are still a few unknown Android apps that are very productive and perform optimally.

So, this article will focus on some unknown android apps that do a lot of things and how you can install them on your device.

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Best Unknown Apps for Android

Here is a list of the top 20 unknown apps you should know about in 2022:

  • Photomath
  • Daylio
  • Forest
  • Lucky Patcher
  • QuickLyric
  • Blokada
  • Amazon App Store
  • TubeMate
  • APK Mirror
  • Parallel space
  • CineHub
  • InsTube
  • Mobdro
  • Whatsapp beta update
  • Face slim
  • Offtime
  • Wally
  • Citrus cube
  • Moves
  • drupe

# 1. Photomath

If you are a student and have trouble solving math problems, you need to know about this app.

Photomath is one of the best unknown android apps you can find on the google play store. This unknown app uses artificial intelligence to solve math problems.

All you have to do is take a photo of the math problem and the app will solve it automatically. This application will bring more benefit to you, especially when preparing for math competitions or college exams. 

# 2. Daylio

Daylio is another unknown app, I’m sure if you know about it, you won’t hesitate to get it because of how important it is. As an Android user, with this app, you can get tips on how to take care of yourself.

In addition, it has a feature that helps track your happiness, social life, sleep, health, housework, hobbies, and food.

Isn’t it amazing?

Dayilo will even help you set goals for everything. This way you won’t have to worry about going to sleep and waking up when you want, whether you’re eating well, or even afraid to overexert yourself at work, because Dilo will also be there to keep you in check. 

# 3. Forest

The lost time is reversible. So it’s wise to use it wisely. And Forest is one of the apps you can do great with and keep you focused!

Forest is another unknown app that you can find on the Google Play store. I never knew about it until my boss told me about it.

The good news is that you don’t have to have a boss like mine for you to learn about the forests again, because I’m here to help you.

Forest helps you focus on your work and get rid of unnecessary distractions. In particular, it helps to stay away from your phone. 

# 4. Lucky Patcher

Do you need a hacking app? look at Lucky Patcher!

Lucky Patcher is one of the craziest android hacking apps. With this app, you can bypass the license check in the app and block unwanted ads that you don’t want to see. 

№5. QuickLyric

QuickLyric is also one of the best Android apps that I’m sure you don’t know anything about. It is actually a third party android app that will help you find the lyrics of any song or music you want.

Another interesting feature of this application is that once installed, it does not take up much space.

And the fact that the app has a nice user-friendly interface makes it more desirable than other apps that can do the same. 

# 6. Blokada

Blokada is one of the most important unknown apps that is not in the Google Play Store.

The app is a free and open source ad blocker compatible with Android and iOS devices.

The application is easy to work with, as it does not have a complex matrix. All you have to do is open the Blockade and you’re done.

Not only the browser, but also the application blocks ads in all applications installed on your phone, which allows you to save the user’s mobile data. 

# 7. Amazon App Store

Surely you haven’t heard of the Amazon Appstore. This is because Google has removed it from the play store because it is restricted in some countries.

Basically, the Amazon Appstore allows you to buy free Android content and games that you can’t find on the Google Play Store. 

# 8. TubeMate

Another interesting app that you can use to download videos that you may not have known about is Tubemate.

Tubemate is one of the best unknown apps that you can comfortably use to download videos from any major android app or social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. With Tubemate you can be sure to get your favorite videos! 

# 9. APK mirror

The next unknown app that you should be aware of due to its feature is APK Mirror.

This APK mirror software is a great alternative for users who want to download an APK file or download various APK files.

This software is trusted by thousands of app developers because it is so well designed that it rejects the download of APK files containing viruses or spyware.

As a result, it is very unlikely that you will find any virus or spyware inside applications installed using this platform. 

# 10. Parallel space

Parallel Space is a long forgotten app that not many people know about. The main function of this clone app is supported by most Android smartphones, but these smartphones do not allow you to clone every app on your computer.

Parallel Space is a long forgotten app that not many people know about. Most Android smartphones support the main function of this clone app, but these smartphones do not allow you to clone every app on your device. 

# 11. CineHub

Need to broadcast programs? Try watching Cinehub.

Cinehub is one of the most impressive and I believe it is the highest paying video streaming app alternative.

The application has a new user interface and design that allows you to navigate through all the videos, series and drama series. All materials on this website are in high resolution.

On Cinehub, you can find subtitles in various languages, including French, Spanish, German, and Arabic.

You can also watch your favorite reality and TV shows live on Cinehub’s Live TV. All of these benefits are provided for free, making it the best Android app on our list. 

# 12. InsTube

InsTube is one of the best apps not found in the Google Play Store. The application allows you to download audio and video files in various formats and save them to your device’s internal memory.

With one click, you can download your favorite content from over 100 websites. Don’t worry about the download speed because the software includes advanced download mechanisms that can download multiple files at the same time without slowing down.

All in all, this application is very useful for you as it allows you to download a large amount of content and has an exciting user interface. 

# 13. Mobdro

Mobdro is like CineHub when it comes to video streaming. Mobdro is another video streaming app that is not available on Google Play.

With over 200 channels to choose from, the app can be a great alternative to sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

You can choose from a wide range of content, and the app supports Chromecast so you can enjoy your favorite content on the big screen. 

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In simple terms predictive analysis

# 14. WhatsApp beta update

The beta update is extremely beneficial for both the developer and the client. The beta update gives you access to all the latest features that the developer will add in the next app update.

In return, the user can provide input to the developer, allowing the developer to make suggestions to improve the software.

This feature is now available outside the Google Play Store and you can use the beta update program for WhatsApp without registering with the Google Play Store. 

# 15. Face Slim

Face Slim is one of the most device compatible apps that is not available in the Google Play Store.

The application runs on the Facebook mobile platform and functions as a complete application for you. The application is small and will not take up much space on your computer.

The app also has a built-in messenger that helps you chat with your friends.

The program is available in two modes: dark for high-speed networks and basic for low-speed networks. Face slim is highly customizable, with the ability to change the size, shape of text, and news flow. 

# 16. Offtime

Like Forest, Offtime is another specialized application that not many people know about. It is actually one of the best apps in terms of productivity and time management.

With Offtime you can get rid of your phone addiction because it will allow you to block calls, messages and even notifications from social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or Instagram.

In addition, the app has a feature that offers you analytics on your phone usage patterns. 

# 17. Wally

Wally is a fantastic high resolution wallpaper source with a huge database and an ever growing variety of categories.

Wallpapers can be filtered by types, resolution, tags, text, and even aspect ratio. If you like anime, Wally’s anime collection will delight you.

One of the best features is that its seamless interface has been created following Google’s material design guidelines.

# 18. Citrus Cube

Citrus is your financial assistant to keep track of all recurring monthly or weekly expenses.

You can also conveniently pay these bills using the app, whether it be cell phone bills, DTH bills, or other utility bills. The app will continue to inform you about payments through notifications.

It was created by the same team that created Citrus Pay, a payment portal that manages payments for various websites. 

# 19. Moves

Moves tracks everything you do, whether it’s cycling, walking or running. It also keeps track of how many moves you have made.

Other features include remembering your favorite places to visit, such as your office, home or favorite cinema.

The purpose of Moves is to provide you with the highlights of your day to day activities so you can make more informed decisions about the improvements you want to make. 

# 20. Drupe

Drupe is also one of the best unknown productivity apps. With this app on your Android phone, you can prioritize your contacts and interactions with people. With one swipe, you can guide your friends through their contacts.

In addition, you will keep your address book up to date and solve the problem of duplicate contacts.

There’s more! It has a dedicated feed that shows you all your recent activities in one place, be it Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS or call logs. 

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